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Today, I want to take some time to tell you about yet another WONDERFUL life-saving woman whose blog you should all read and whose business you should pay attention to…especially if you are a mom, crafter, sewer or DIYer.

Heidi from Honeybear Lane is my hero!  She is a SAHM of 2 (soon to be 3!) super cute little kids and manages to run the household, take care of her kids AND still finds time (don’t ask me how!) to blog/craft/sew.

Many of you have heard me talking about puff quilts lately and how much I’ve recently become obsessed with them and all their adorable puffy goodness.  What you may not know is the tutorial for how to make the puff quilt (my 1st major sewing project) came from Heidi!  It is very thorough and contains step-by-step directions, including lots of pictures!  Plus, she is even willing to answer your puff quilt questions via email!  How cool is that?

I am so very grateful that I came across Heidi and her business when I did, as I was her very LAST custom order client!  What an honor!  You see, I like to think of myself as a modern mom-to-be, and therefore finding crib bedding was a challenge.  Everything in stores was full of cartoon characters, balls from every sport known to man, vehicles and animals.  No hate to those of you who chose those patterns for your own childrens’ nurseries, they just weren’t right for us.  Unfortunately, that left me in a major bind.  Homer needs sheets!  Enter Heidi.  For a very VERY reasonable price, she custom made 2 crib sheets, bumpers and a crib skirt.  She helped me narrow down and eventually choose my fabrics, and believe me, that is no small thing because, as I’m sure she will attest, I am VERY picky. 🙂

What you don’t know about Heidi is that she has an alter-ego: Rock Star.  Even after going through the physical demands of the first trimester of pregnancy, she still managed to complete the entire project on time and have it shipped here with no complaints!  I don’t know how she does it.  What I DO know is that this is (in my humble opinion) the very best crib bedding I’ve ever seen and I only wish I could take better photos to do it justice.

Here are some quick shots I took of the gorgeous bedding, all put together in Homer’s room:

Crib Sheet and Bumpers

Crib Sheet and Bumpers



Close up of bumpers and crib sheet



Front view of reversible bumpers, ties, crib sheet and crib skirt



Close up of the bumper, sheet and skirt



The finished product! 🙂


See!  I wasn’t lying!  Cutest.bedding.ever!  More pictures to come of my puff quilt and various other crafting projects!  Don’t forget to stop by Heidi’s blog, Honeybear Lane, to see her latest and greatest projects!

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  1. Aw, Lauren! It looks so cute in the crib and I love that sheep plushie! I can’t wait for you little baby to arrive! You were a great customer and it was fun to exchange emails with you. Thanks for all your sweet praise! 🙂

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