Dishwasher Doozy

Jul 16, 2012 by

Ever have a “house mystery?”


You know the ones…the seemingly unsolvable creaks and groans your house makes as soon as you turn off the lights.  The rattling vibration every time you walk across the tile floor.  The suddenly unreasonably foul smell emanating from the dish washer.  Every house has their own “mysteries.”


Our mystery was the aforementioned rank dishwasher.  At first, we thought, no big deal, probably just had a sippy cup with old milk in it.  After a few weeks we thought…maybe we should run the self-clean cycle.  (Naturally, neither of us actually remembered to run said cycle, as we would have found out much sooner that our dishwasher does not actually HAVE a self-clean cycle…unless by “self” they meant “do it yourSELF.”  Humph.)  At G$’s birthday party, my sister mentioned that it smelled and I made some half-hearted “oh yeah, I know, I keep forgetting to run it” type response.  She said, “No.  SERIOUSLY.  That is really bad.  More than dirty dishes.  Something is wrong.”


Oh.  Yeah.  Maybe I should take a look at that.


Then I promptly forgot, AGAIN, and went out of town.  My poor sister house/dog-sat while we were gone and was subjected once more to the rotten filthy stank in the dishwasher.


I finally dug around in there and look what I found:


Look at that.  Dishwashers have filters!  We’ve only lived here for THREE YEARS without this knowledge.

 I guess that explains how so much red mildew built up in a three year old dishwasher. 🙂

But wait, there’s more!

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