A Scent-sible Outcome

Aug 18, 2010 by

We have some smelly issues going on in the Shissler household today.  I know what you’re all thinking and, NO, it’s not because of THAT. 🙂 

You may recall that last year we had some issues with our geothermal not working properly, and finally were told that it can get “stuffed up” if we don’t open it up and put bleach in the drip tray every few weeks.  Yesterday, I was painting in the basement and thought I might as well go ahead and add the bleach before I forgot again.  Problem was, once I got it opened up, I couldn’t remember how much bleach you’re supposed to add.  So I just poured some in.  I’d estimate that I added somewhere between 1/2 a cup-1 cup. 

I guess that’s too much.

Yesterday, Adam came home early from work because he thought he was sick.  (Symptoms included: tired, red faced, needing a shower.  If that is what constitutes being “sick,” women everywhere should be calling in to work today.)  After his 3 hour nap, he came in and asked if I’d added bleach to the system, because it was blowing a bleach scent out the A/C vents.  I thought he was overreacting.

He wasn’t.  This morning, the whole house smells like bleach and I can’t escape it.  We’re gonna have some major candles goin’ on up in here today! 🙂  Whoops!  I still don’t know how much bleach to add though…

There is one more scent-related issue I have to discuss.  It has recently come to my attention that many men, before they “take the Browns to the Superbowl,” have developed a habit of taking off their wedding band, so as not to get it dirty.  I laughed so hard when I heard this, because I thought it was a joke.  It’s not a joke; these men are dead set that it’s the only way to stay clean.  So I’m taking a poll of men AND women: Do you remove your ring(s) before you go?  If so, are you right or left handed?

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  1. jeff

    If you have to take of your rings to wipe your a*# then you are doing it wrong!!!

  2. jeff

    and im right handed and wear a ring on my right "ring" finger.

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