A New Kind of Family?

Mar 31, 2012 by

This week, G$ is sick and teething.  This morning he was extra snuggly, which I loved (for my sake) but hated (because I know he is miserable).  We just happened to turn on Richie Rich on ABC Family and it got him to quit crying and sit quietly in my lap, which was a total thank you God moment.


This afternoon, I turned the TV back on and there was a commercial advertising ABC Family’s “Toy Story Weekend.”  Apparently ABC Family’s new slogan is “A New Kind of Family.”  But, until tonight’s Toy Story marathon, the movie they’re showing is Pretty Woman.  Um…really?  Granted, they’ve taken out all the naughty parts but…still…  Julia Roberts is a hooker. Come ON!


Somehow I don’t think that’s the new kind of “family” they’re talking about…

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