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Oct 12, 2010 by

This week I learned a life lesson that I think is going to help a lot of people.  I’m confident in that thought because I know I cannot possibly be the only person who does something as stupid as the following story.

Last week, I noticed there was a rip in the sidewall of my front tire and, consequently, the tire was beginning to pull apart.  Not good.  I had to miss a baby shower because it was recommended that I not drive too far on the bad tire.  Plus, it was a weekend and all the tire shops were closed.

Monday, the fun began. I called a local tire shop, found out they aren’t a Goodyear dealer, and they recommended that I contact an official GY dealer because I might be able to get a prorated tire.  Perfect! 

First, I called Honda because we have an extended service plan, and they informed me that although they would be happy to “go to bat” for me, I need to have the tire examined by an actual official GY dealer to determine the cause of the rip.  OK fine.  Then, I drove to Pekin to the GY dealer, and they informed me that the rip in the sidewall is considered a “road hazard” and since this actual GY dealer did not sell me the tire (these tires obviously came on the car when I bought it at Honda) that they themselves couldn’t prorate it, so I should call Honda and see if they have any kind of agreement for road hazard warranties.  They don’t.  Apparently, some time ago the federal govt. told car manufacturers that if they purchased road hazard warranties on the tires put on new vehicles, this meant if I bought a new car and got a flat, the manufacturer would have to come out and fix it, or replace the tires.  Well, shock of all shocks, they didn’t want to do that so there is not one single manufacturer who purchases road hazard warranties on the tires new vehicles come with.  So basically, the next time you go buy a car, you might as well ask how much the car costs without tires, then buy your own tires at the dealership, because THOSE have road hazard warranties.  But in this particular case…I’m screwed.

And if that wasn’t enough, the GY dealer also informed me that the back tires show uneven wear and over half the tread on the front tires is gone.  I was shocked!  The car only has 18k miles on it and the tire man had just finished telling me they are 60k mile tires…so what gives?  I certainly don’t want to replace the ripped tire with another tire exactly like it if the tread is going to wear off that fast! 

After much discussion, it was determined that the reason for the uneven wear on the back (which is normally indicative of a problem with the car, not the tires) AND the tread being so far gone on the front is that I hadn’t taken the car in to have the tires rotated yet.  Shit.  I knew it needed to be done, but I procrastinated big time.  As it turns out, you should rotate your tires every 5-6k miles, which means I should’ve been on my third rotation already.  Damn, damn, double damn! 

So I am telling everyone I know, especially women (because, let’s face it, there is a large majority of us who don’t know, or give a shit, about tires!) PLEASE ROTATE YOUR TIRES REGULARLY.  Learn from my $170 moron mistake. 

Another helpful tip for the ladies: No one feels sorry for you and wants to prorate your tires when you’re wearing Prada sunglasses.  Even tire guys know that.  Not that I know this from recent personal experience or anything…

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