Adam’s math, part 2

May 25, 2009 by

Yesterday, I was trying to clean out the saved list on our DVR. After much searching, I realized that I taped the season finale of The Millionaire Matchmaker at the beginning of the month, but forgot to watch it. As those of you who have a DVR know, you can either tape 1 show or a whole series. By the time we got our DVR, only the finale of The Millionaire Matchmaker was left.
The listing for that episode looked like this:

The Millionaire Matchmaker Thu 5/7 9:00 pm New episode

Adam came in as I was getting ready to watch it and goes, “Hey! You’ve still got FIVE episodes of that show to watch?”

I didn’t get it at first. Knowing I only had one from the get go, I couldn’t figure out where he got the 5 episodes from. So I asked.

“5 out of 7 episodes, right there honey!”

“Buddy, that says Thursday, 5/7. As in…May 7th, the day the show taped.”


At least he can laugh at himself, because it would be kinda mean if I was the only one. 🙂

Lest anyone get their panties in a twist, I love my husband very much. There are few things I hate more than women who get together and have nothing to talk about except how stupid their husbands are. Since when did that become the cool thing to do? Sounds like a surefire path to becoming an old fucking hag, if you ask me.
These things just fall into my lap, make me laugh, and I write about them. That’s it.

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