All Food IS Created Equal

Sep 7, 2012 by

I’ve finally calmed down enough to give my take on the Stanford University study on organic food.  I’ll admit, it took me a minute.


I learned a few things by reading this study but the one I want to focus on first is this:  there are people who actually believed that organic food is not only healthier but more nutritious.  Seriously.  And it isn’t just media-saturated, trend-happy hippies either.  SCIENTISTS actually hypothesized that organic food would be more nutritious than non-organic food.


How does this make sense?  Do people even know what “organic” means?  I understand how some people believe that organic food is “healthier” because they are concerned about the use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and etc. on non-organic products.  Whether I agree or not is irrelevant.  I can at least understand where they are coming from.


These morons people, however, who think that spraying Potato A with Round-Up and leaving Potato B alone somehow equates to less vitamins and nutrients in Potato A?  They confuse me.  What, because it was grown in a mixture of rotten food compost, that somehow gives it more vitamins?  Or was it the cow shit “natural fertilizer” that gave it the extra edge?  Give me a break.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I am food pro-choice.  I do not choose to buy organic products myself, but I believe everyone should educate themselves and choose what they think is best for themselves and their families.  I also think if you decide organic produce is the way to go for your family, then you need to be prepared to pay more for it.  That’s basic economics.


My goal in writing this post isn’t to make fun of stupid people (ok, maybe a little!) or to knock anyone’s preference in how their food is grown.  I’m just thrilled that a very reputable university has finally published a study proving what those of us in agriculture already knew.  Organic food is great, if that’s what you’re into.  But it simply is NOT more nutritious.  Period.


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