And So It Begins…Or Not

Aug 27, 2012 by

Last week all I heard people talking about was how most farmers would be starting harvest today.  No matter where you went, farmers were comparing moisture levels, asking each other how they thought this year’s yields would be, arguing over whether the heat/lack of rain would ruin everything.  In other words, everyone started getting the annual “ants in the pants” syndrome.  We even had a party to attend celebrating the upcoming harvest “season.”


Then it rained.  A lot.  1.5 inches, to be exact (at our house, anyway).  That’s the most rain we’ve had (at one time) the entire YEAR.  It’s a big deal.  The streets flooded, the yard has standing water in it (which is a HUGE feat when you live on 100% sand), hell, the deck is still wet this morning.


But none of this stopped the party from happening.  Normally, it’s a great time but, this year Adam couldn’t go due to previous commitments, so G$ and I went without him.  It’s always so much fun dragging your kids out in the pouring rain, isn’t it? 😉


So there I was, in flip flops, in the rain.  Genius, I know.  I hauled my giant diaper bag on one shoulder and G$ on my opposite hip.  Apparently, he had one hand resting on my chest because, as we walked in, some guy yelled “He’s got his hands right where they should be! On them titties!”


Really?  Really?!


This is my life.


Anyway, we didn’t stay long.  (Shocking, I know.)  And, of course, due to the rain, harvest has likely been delayed for a day or two, minimum.  That’s fine by me!  We missed having Adam around and I think he might be coming down with this nasty summer cold that G$ and I had.  Poor guy.  What a way to start the biggest, most important part of the year.  Looks like I’ll be buying Super Juice* for everyone!


*AKA Odwalla or Naked juice.  This stuff is so jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients!  It always feels like my body wants to be sick but then I drink the juice and it’s like “ok, ok!  I surrender!”

**This is not a paid sponsorship or review.  I just really like that damn juice.

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