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Last week, I mentioned on facebook that we are dealing with some water issues in the basement.  Let me tell you, it’s been an absolute blast.

We’ve had to shut off the water softener, which means that no matter how many times I wash my hair (or skin, for that matter), it’s dirty and greasy.  The dishwasher isn’t getting all the food off and now it’s starting to leave spots on all the glasses.  My personal favorite, however, is the mildew/hard water CRUST that is developing in the water tray on the refrigerator. Google hard water issues, and you’re pretty much looking at a laundry list of what’s going on in our house right now…and that’s not even touching the actual puddles of water in the basement.


Basically, it’s been awesome.


But, something happened today that 100% made up for all the water issues.  We need to replace the sewage pump, so today Adam came home with a new one…The Barracuda.  First of all, the name is fantastic.  But the packaging…that’s where it’s at.  Right on the front of the box it lets you know a few important details:

-It has copper windings for maximum efficiency

-It is designed to “thrash through wastewater”

And my personal favorite…

-It “handles 2 inch spherical solids.”


Soooo, if you’ve ever eaten at La Bamba, this is the pump for you.  Pick it up at your local Menard’s. 🙂



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