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When you have a baby, you read all these books about how important it is for your child to have a routine, particularly at bedtime.  At our house, this routine is Adam gives G$ a bath and I feed him his final bottle before bed, then I dip him down so he can get a goodnight kiss from Adam (say it with me….AWWWWWW), and it’s off to the crib.


This usually works without fail, but the other night we had to switch it up since Adam was gone at bath time.  No big deal, I think doing G$’s bath is actually pretty fun.  He splashes water all over me, farts in the tub, life’s great.  But this time, I was surprised.  After G$’s bath, Adam came home and we had this conversation:

Adam: Did G$ pee in the tub?

Me: Um…noooo…why?

Adam: He always pees in the tub when I give him a bath.

Me: That’s gross.

Adam: I always leave him in there until he pees.

Me: ……..What?!  You’re telling me you WAIT until he pees to get him out of the tub?

Adam: Well, yeah.  You obviously didn’t leave him in there long enough.


I tried to find the logic in this plan of attack but, I confess, I can’t.  WTF?!?! Who does that?  What is the purpose of waiting for your son to pee before getting him out of the tub?!  Saving space in diapers?  I assure you, we have plenty of Pampers, should that be the case.


Meanwhile, all I can think about is that I’ve never cleaned his tub.  Oy vey.

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