Better Late than Never

Aug 11, 2009 by

My favorite highlights from the 8-5 Mason County Democrat’s Sheriff’s Report:

– 5 complaints about 4-wheelers or golf carts (including one complaining 4 wheelers were being driven on the road. Is that really illegal?)
– 2 complaints about irrigators spraying on the road (how is this any different than rain? and what are the police supposed to do about it?)

And, of course, the randoms:

-7-23, 5:21 pm, Mason City, complaint about juvenile throwing rocks and urinating in the yard

-7-26, 4:59 am, Topeka, theft- gave a lady a ride home in a cab and now the lady can’t pay her.
–First of all, who owns a cab service in Topeka? Seriously! If anyone knows, please fill me in. Secondly, if they’re not from Topeka, the nearest “city” is Pekin, which’s 30 miles away. No wonder the cab driver was pissed off. That’s a $50 cab ride!

-7-26, 1:41 pm, San Jose, found a dog that appears to be someone’s pet.
–Props to these people for attempting to help this dog, BUT…why would you call the police for a found dog? Either call the pound, the vet, or the no-kill shelter. The cops have crimes to solve. People are so retarded.

-7-26, 8:13 pm, Manito, complaint that there are juveniles at her house drinking and she wants them gone by the time she gets home.
WTF? How do you know they’re there drinking if you’re not home? Did your neighbor call you at work or something? Why don’t you go home and kick them out yourself? Who are these people anyway? Are they your kids? Seems like calling the police just adds to the problem.

-7-26, 9:11 pm, Manito, theft-stealing corn.
–This is absolutely random. Who steals corn? Seriously. Also, who has the eagle eyes to see people stealing it out of a huge cornfield? Props to whoever those neighbors are!

(All info courtesy of The Mason County Democrat)

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