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Aug 21, 2013 by

It’s been a crazy 24 hours in this household!


Recently, we finished our basement.  Thank the Lord, all the demon spawn toys will FINALLY not only be out of the living room, they will be on a completely different floor.  Yahoo!

(I know all you experienced moms are like, “Yeah that’s really great.  Now you have TWO levels of shit to pick up and clean.  You’re an idiot.”)


This week we’ve been in the process of taking all the stuff we moved out of the basement (to avoid certain death via power drill) and moving it back into the basement.  This is a lot of fun when you’re in your second trimester and on weight restrictions.  No, seriously.  It’s really fun.  Because that means someone else has to do it. 🙂


During this process, we decided to set up G$’s new big boy bed in his new big boy room.  Adam was getting ready to go on a trip and wanted to see G$ in the new bed before he left.








Much to our surprise, he loved it!  He didn’t want to get out.








So we let him stay in the big boy bed.  And he did.  All night!







Mama may or may not have had to go sit in his baby room and cry a little.  I could blame (or not) pregnancy hormones but, the truth is, I felt like I’d missed a huge moment in my now not-so-little boy’s life.  Yes, I was there.  I was physically present.  (Clearly, as I just displayed the photographic evidence.)  But I wasn’t expecting him to actually stay in the bed!


Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not complaining that he was such a champion sleep transitioner.  Not at all.  The problem was…how do I describe it…I wasn’t emotionally prepared, I guess.   I thought I would have a “little boy” just a smidge longer.  It was as if someone snapped their fingers (or made the bed) and *POOF* the little boy was gone and right where he was just a second ago, there was this sweet big boy, trying his hardest to be brave.







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  1. Connie Green

    I LOVE this last blog and can relate so much to your feelings. Seems like last week I went through the same emotions when Dustin moved into his big bed and all of a sudden was a big boy! So many blessings to enjoy.

  2. Thanks Connie! I think it was just extra overwhelming because this week my Facebook has been filled with my friends’ kids’ 1st day of Kindergarten and it seems like just yesterday they were babies. Soon that will be me! Plus, G$ has been starting to say several new words, starting to like swimming which he used to hate, just doing a lot of “big boy” stuff out of nowhere.

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