Blackberry Beatdown

Jun 23, 2012 by

Earlier this week, Adam came home and told me he’d found a huge patch of wild blackberries growing on one of our farms.  We loaded up G$ and Bella, grabbed a few buckets and pretty much ran out the door.  I mean…can you blame us?  FREE, FRESH and FRUIT are some of my favorite F-words (not my MOST favorite, mind you, but that’s for another day).


When we got there, I was in awe.  The blackberries were easily taller than I am, and I’m pretty tall.



If that’s not the most gorgeous “weed” I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is.


The problem is, this gorgeous weed is super thorny.  So, despite the 3+ gallons of blackberries I collected, I ended up with quite the battle scars.






All I can say is this better be the best-tasting blackberry pie I’ve ever made! 🙂

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