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Although it’s a little over three months until G$’s first birthday, the birthday party planning has begun.  Maybe that sounds a little nutty but the summer is a busy time around here, so I figured I’d better get a head start.  I’m definitely not going to have time to think about birthday party planning (or anything else) during planting season and by the time that’s over, it’ll be almost June!


Thankfully, I have a friend with a son who is a few months older than G$, (i.e. a friend who has an actual legitimate reason to be thinking about birthday planning) so she humors my interest in the subject.  During one of our recent conversations, she mentioned a discussion she’d had with her husband that, to be honest, as crazy as it might sound, could easily have happened at my house instead.


While talking about the party’s theme and the invitations, her husband asked her why she didn’t put BYOB on the invitations.  To a 1 year old’s birthday party.  🙂


She replied that it was a party for a one year old and putting BYOB on the invites would be really tacky.  After some argument from him, she said, look, no one does that.  He said, quote, “How do you know everyone else isn’t wrong?”


How can you argue with that?!  LOL.  Here’s why I love this girl…After some thought, she replied, it’s Mason County, everyone around here travels with alcohol in their vehicles anyway, so BYOB on the invitations is just redundant.  HA!


Score one for the good (non-tacky) guys! 😉


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