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May 13, 2009 by

At the request of my mother and aunt, I give you: The Eyebrow Fiasco.

My parents watched our golden retriever, Bella, for a few hours over Easter weekend. We had Easter dinner with Adam’s family and were set to stay at my parents’ house later that night. Everything went as planned, and we arrived at my parents’ around 11 pm. Everything was fine. We woke up, went to church, came back to Mom and Dad’s and ate lunch. After we got back home that night, I started noticing that something was wrong with Bella. She didn’t look right, but I couldn’t quite place it. Finally, I realized…her eyebrows had been trimmed…cut, actually, not trimmed. They looked like little white stubs. Now, I will say that they’d been getting a bit long and starting to curl over towards her eyes…but she’s a DOG. Who cares about her eyebrows? I knew what her eyebrows looked like before we dropped her off at my parents’ house…so that left 2 scissor-wielding culprits.

I placed a phone call to Mom, knowing full well that she probably wasn’t the Eyebrow Bandit. When I explained the situation, she had no idea what I was talking about, let alone that someone would even think to cut a dog’s eyebrows. We started trying to figure out a timeline as to when the eyebrow escapade even occurred, since the dog wasn’t there without me, Adam or Mom around for more than a few hours. We determined that Dad must’ve been the only one up early Easter morning, seen what he thought was a doggy fashion don’t, and “remedied” the situation. As we were about to hang up, Dad came home, and she asked him what he knew about the situation. With the evidence stacked against him he admitted it. He’s like, “yeah, I did it. So what? She looked like a crazy professor with those old eyebrows. They needed a trim.” Maybe I should send in an application for that dog groomer show on TLC…apparently Dad is the expert. Poor Bella. Thank God he only went after her eyebrows!

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