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Oct 29, 2013 by

Being pregnant for the second time, I thought things would be relatively calm.  You know, not much to worry about, not much to decide other than room decor and baby’s name.


I was wrong.


Since this will be a repeat c-section delivery, I thought we would just go back to the same hospital we used before.  We know what to expect and the only sucky nurse has since been fired.  Win-win, right?


Wrong again.


There are three hospitals in our area which, for the sake of this blog, will be called Hospital 1, 2 or 3.


Hospitals 1 and 2 are in-network with our insurance (Blue Cross) and Hospital 3 is not.  I hate hospital 2.  I would only go there if I had absolutely no other choice, and I do mean NO.OTHER.CHOICE.


But now, Hospital 3 is buying Hospital 1, and this transaction will be completed by the end of the year…just in time for Navan’s birth in January.


What all that confusing mumbo-jumbo really means is that I have no idea where this baby is supposed to be born.  We could go back to Hospital 1, but we aren’t sure if it will still be in-network since it’s being bought by the only out-of-network hospital.  Hospital 2 sucks big time.  Hospital 3 is supposed to be great but, again, who knows what is covered and what isn’t?


With all of this nonsense going on, I decided to make some calls and get some answers so we aren’t left with a $20k+ bill when all is said and done.


Blue Cross tried to tell me Hospital 3 IS in-network…until they realized that the hospital they were referring to is actually 3 hours away.  Then they said I should call back in December and see if anyone “knows more” at that time.  Uh…doubtful.


Hospital 3 said they have a matching program for anyone on Blue Cross (aka out-of-network) and I should go there.  Of course they did.


Hospital 1 said I should go there because nothing is changing for at least a year.  Of course.


The OB’s office said they stay out of insurance because it’s too complicated.  Finally, someone is honest! 🙂


After my 4th phone call, I still have no idea what is true and what is false.  I still have no idea what is covered and what is not.  I still have no idea where this baby will be born.  ARGH.  Not what I wanted to be thinking about this close to delivery.

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