Dumbass Moment #486

Jun 20, 2013 by

For some reason, this whole pregnancy I’ve been very nervous.  I’ve had a bad feeling that something will go wrong.  I try not to think about this bad feeling, however, lest it become a self-fulfilling prophecy (as negative thoughts tend to do).


That’s why, at our first doctor’s appointment for Navan, I was a little unsettled.  Then it happened.  After my sonogram, I was getting dressed and noticed some spotting.  Naturally, I completely ignored the fact that I’d just seen a normal, healthy baby moving around on the sonogram not 45 seconds earlier…and started to panic.  I had heard people experience spotting sometimes and it’s totally normal.  I told the doctor and they said I should not exercise for 2 weeks and made a note in my file to check with me at my next appointment to be sure the spotting had stopped.


On the way home, it hit me.


I wasn’t spotting.  I’d cut myself shaving that morning and forgot about it.  That’s where the “spotting” came from.  A cut.


Pretty sure I deserve a huge pat on the back for that one.  Definitely can’t wait to explain to my OB that I am a dumbass.

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