Everybody Poops

Aug 8, 2012 by

I think I’ve seen enough poop to last a lifetime.


Monday, Bella had her annual checkup at the vet.  I was asking them if it’s really true that dogs eat grass when their stomachs hurt in order to make themselves throw up.  (Vet answer: yes and no.  Grass doesn’t digest well in dogs, so often times it does make them throw up, but sometimes they just eat grass for no reason.  It’s sort of like trying to determine why my husband loves to pee in the yard…because it’s there and because he can.  But I digress.)


During this conversation, I happened to mention that, lately, she has also started to eat clumps of dirt.  That got their attention.  Apparently, there are quite a few worms and bugs and other icky things that live in the dirt that not only are dangerous to dogs, but they are easily passed from dogs to humans.  Having had multiple experiences with worms as a child, I would like to avoid that experience all together as an adult.  So now, my job was to collect a “specimen” for the vet to test.  Adam wasn’t sure how we I was supposed to get it, so I showed him the little tube and the lid which has a spike on the inside (in case the “specimen” isn’t readily gatherable?).  He commented that I might as well just use my fingers because, lately, I have poop on my hands at least 3x a day.  Sadly, he has a point.  But I still used the lid/spike!



You see, not only does Bella have issues, G$ has had some problems of his own.  Three weeks ago, he had diarrhea for an entire week.  I called the pediatrician and they said, at his age, their main concern is not so much the texture of the poop as it is the fact that something is coming out.  As long as he’s “going,” and still acting/eating normally (he was) then it was probably either a stomach bug that was going around or teething-related.  Ok fine.  He WAS teething.  A few days later, he returned to normal and I got whatever he had.  Then I got better and he got sick again.  So, other than that 2 day-ish break, he’s had diarrhea for three straight weeks.  I didn’t think that was normal and neither did the doctor.  This time I got to use a tongue depressor to collect my “specimen.”  Hopefully, there were no diaper lining fragments in there because the tech said that would cause the lab to reject it.  Wouldn’t that be juuuuuuuuust special?


There is not enough antibacterial soap in the world to make me feel clean right now.

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