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My favorite (and I use that term loosely) blogger Marissa Jaret Winokur’s latest post is, as usual, wonderfully intelligent.

She fell off the diet wagon, y’all.

How did this late-breaking news travesty occur, you might ask?

She was setting up a birthday party for her son and had, ahem, GLASS JARS FULL OF CANDY sitting out at her house. But, not only that, she set them out a WEEK BEFORE THE PARTY!


Am I really the only one who finds this level of stupidity to be mind-boggling? I’ve met 5 yr olds smarter than this chick!

I’m no skinny minnie myself anymore but, dear Lord, if I went around eating jars of candy for a week at a time I’d have more rolls than the Michelin Man. I realize I’m going on and on, but I just cannot believe people actually read her blog for inspiration!

Whatever. I’m just glad Walter Cronkite got more coverage than MJ for a couple days.

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