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Aug 25, 2009 by

I love the Sheriff’s Report!

Only 3 seriously amusing additions today:

8-16, 12:33 am, Chandlerville: driver throwing fireworks out of car at houses
-Who does that?? I know Chandlerville isn’t the height of entertainment, but come on! If this isn’t a good example of why parents should spank their kids, I don’t know what is. This kid needed a good ass whooping way back when.

8-16, 5:46 pm, Bath: report of possible suspicious activity on a bulldozer
-What could you possibly be doing that is “suspicious” on a bulldozer? This is just weird.

8-16, 6:07 pm, Manito: girls on bicycles messing with caller’s mailboxes
-Again…are kids seriously THAT bored?

Also seen in Topeka this afternoon: a man riding his motorcycle with a chocolate lab in the sidecar. Strange…

All information taken from The Mason County Democrat 8-26 issue

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