Goofy Ridge, This Link’s for You!

Aug 11, 2010 by

This study was conducted for my entertainment.  I know it.  Just when I think nothing is going on in the world, this little gem arrives on my desktop.  Thank you MSNBC.

For those of you too lazy to click a link, here is a summary of the situation:

-It’s titled “Meth Use in Pregnancy Endangers Mom and Baby.”  Well, no shit. 
-Ido Solt, a doctor at Cedars-Sinai in LA treated three pregnant women in the ICU for uncontrolled high blood pressure.  ‘”The common denominator was methamphetamine use,’ Solt told Reuters Health.”  This guy is a genius! 
-Then, instead of reporting these women to the police for child endangerment, illegal drug purchase/use, whatever, he and his colleagues decided to do some research on them.  They studied 276 meth-using pregnant women who gave birth in a hospital in Phoenix, and compared them to the control group of 34k women who value their babies’ health…er…did not use meth.  To the shock of absolutely no one, “on pretty much every measure Solt and his team looked at, methamphetamine users and their babies fared worse.” 
-“Faring worse” included: 50% of the babies being born pre-term, 29% via C-section, 20% with uncontrollable high blood pressure and, in a whopping 10%, the placenta separated from the uterus before birth.  Not cool.  Oh, and let’s not forget the 4% that died shortly after birth.
-I think my favorite, if there can be a favorite, part of this article is the section where they state that one might think it would be easy to ID a meth user, whether pregnant or not, many of the typical signs of methamphetamine usage (gaunt figure, rotten/missing teeth, skin issues) were not present in these women.  So you’re telling me pregnant women aren’t rail thin?  NO WAY! 

So there you have it, Ridge Rats, listen up.  Even copious amounts of methamphetamine won’t get rid of that baby belly. 

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