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Stitch Fix…Again.

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Stitch Fix…Again.

I took a break from Stitch Fix to save money this year.  But when the time came for extended-family photos, I realized my wardrobe was sadly lacking. I went back to Stitch Fix with a quite detailed list including what the color scheme was, how many people would be in the photos, the types of outfits I was looking for, etc. What I received actually made me laugh. I thought it was for someone else. I don’t know what happened with that fix but the stylist clearly missed the mark. I’m not knocking SF; I’ve never had a bad experience until now.

So I decided to give them another chance. This fix was much closer to what I wanted, except the stuff either didn’t fit quite right or was not quite my style.  Here are some examples:



This one was cute other than it was so wide, it might’ve belonged to the big top tent.

And I don’t know why the cut out is over your bra strap.  Guess I’m getting old, because I don’t get it.

Oh well, I tried something new.


This one I really liked but it wasn’t available in the smaller size I needed.  Bummer, dude.


I liked these pants, but they were too short and (as you can probably see from the freakin’ moon) they gave me the world’s worst muffin top.  No thank you.


This bag is what had me cracking up.  Never in my life would I choose this hippie canvas bag.  The bag I actually wanted (from their own Pinterest page) is below.  SF8

Love stripes but these two bags are not interchangeable. Yikes!


Ok, this dress is not that bad. However, it is not at all what I asked for. Again. They added the fact that I like nautical styles to my Stitch Fix account profile and I guess the stylist took it super literally, as the print here is boats.  Dear Lord, no. Also, it has no waist.  I made a collage of all 3 dresses below.


The dress on the left is from their Pinterest page as well.  The middle dress is what they sent me the first time, a heavy, knit, cap sleeved, pastel periwinkle embossed monstrosity.  The dress on the right is the “nautical” boat print dress.  Please, Jesus, let the next fix be better!

I am giving Stitch Fix one more shot. I really hope they can help me this time.

Stitch Fix #2

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Stitch Fix #2

I think you guys could tell that I was pretty psyched about my first Stitch Fix shipment.  So it probably comes as no surprise that I made sure to get another Fix in before the holidays.  🙂

For some reason, I haven’t been able to get really pumped about the holidays this year (no idea why) so I thought why not let my stylist take care of the WORST part of Christmas…say it with me ladies…CHRISTMAS DRESS SHOPPING.  Yuck.

This month, along with a Christmas dress, I asked for a blazer; more jeans, with a flared leg; jewelry or bling of some variety to go with the dress; and anything else my stylist felt I needed.

There must’ve been a small mixup because, when my Fix arrived, it included the normal invoice + a note from my stylist explaining what she included, why, and how to pair it with other items in the box.  The photos of the clothes looked AMAZING.  It was exactly what I asked for: a Christmas dress, jeans, earrings, a coat (something she thought I needed w/ the dress) and a shirt.  However, when I unwrapped the clothes…well I’ll just show you a few photos.

2015-11-27 11.33.15 2015-11-27 13.30.34 2015-11-27 13.31.04

Top to bottom, I’d call them: 1970s nightmare, batwing sweater, sheep herding gear.  Not only ugly but also completely NOT what was on the invoice/in the note.  I quickly realized I didn’t have a terrible stylist, this was completely the wrong box…the clothes weren’t even my size.  Looks like a little mixup in the shipping department, no big deal!

Apparently Stitch Fix realized the error pretty quickly because before I even contacted their customer service, a new Fix was on my doorstep (literally, the next morning)!


When I opened the new box, I was pretty impressed! 🙂  I got a new stylist this month and she did a great job!

2015-11-28 13.07.52

This Christmas dress is perfect! I did ask for something blingy, but the lace on here is gorgeous and the fit is right on.  Plus now I have an excuse to bust out some of the fancy jewelry Adam’s given me that I don’t get many opportunities to wear.  🙂

Status: Kept!


2015-11-28 13.09.02 2015-11-28 13.09.07

This coat is so soft and warm.  It paired perfectly with the dress.  And I thought the price ($108) was not bad at all for a 100% wool dress coat.  The shape was a little plain, however, and I already have a few dress coats.  I know why she included this, but it’s not something I need at this juncture.

Status: Returned


2015-11-28 13.08.06

The sweater was cute but nothing special.  I’m also not a huge fan of the drop shoulder seams…it tends to look like I have wings.  I would have kept it except when I raised my arms everyone got a direct shot of my stretch marks.  I like to keep my tiger stripes to myself. 😉

The jeans are adorable.  They’re just what I asked for: fitted thighs but more flared than the skinny jeans from last month.  Technically, they called these wide leg but as you can see from the glorious bathroom selfie above…it’s more like flared leg.

Status: Sweater – returned.  Jeans – Kept!


2015-11-28 13.08.47


The earrings were also meant to go with the Christmas dress.  Gold is usually not my first choice but I did tell the stylist I was open to trying it.  These were in the $30 range and just a little too plain (though I do love hammered metal).  My whole family makes fun of me but I wear the same studs every day.  It takes something really special to get me to swap out earrings Adam got me for our first Christmas and an anniversary.  These weren’t special enough.  BUT, I did appreciate my stylist’s awareness that I love classic simple jewelry.

Status: Returned


For those of you who are still wondering about the accidental box I initially received, all I had to do was ship it back in the prepaid bag.  No charge to me.  As far as I’m concerned, no harm no foul.  Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, especially during the holidays.


If you’re tired of dragging yourself to the mall only to be disappointed, try Stitch Fix!  Here’s my referral code:


If you use it, I earn a $25 credit when your first fix ships! 🙂

My 1st Stitch Fix

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My 1st Stitch Fix

This year, I made it a priority to be healthy and, as such, spent tons of time exercising/cooking healthy food and literally ZERO time blogging.  But more on that later.


The result of my new healthier life is I am finally able to reward myself with Stitch Fix (because I can finally fit into their sizes)!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, the basic premise is you fill out a survey with your sizes, preferences and clothing needs of all varieties.  Stitch Fix matches you up with a stylist and they ship 5 items to your door (as frequently or infrequently as you wish).  If you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your order.  As long as you keep at least one item, the $20 styling fee is used towards the cost of whatever item(s) you’re keeping.  Pretty cool.  If you like what you receive, you can even request to have the same stylist for your next Fix.

I was really nervous because I’d heard mixed reviews AND, if I’m being totally honest, because I was afraid I still wouldn’t fit into their clothes.  I’m right on the fence between two sizes (I know you’ve all been there…#breakingnews it sucks).  But, I sucked it up and boy am I glad I did.  My 1st Stitch Fix was full of exactly the kind of thing I’d hoped for: things I like but maybe wouldn’t have put together or even chosen for myself.


I took photo evidence for you and my awesome stylist, so here goes:


Spoiler alert: THE JEANS FIT!  WOOHOO!  They are super soft, stretchy skinny jeans.  At first the wash (which you can’t really see here) made it look like I peed my pants (dark in the crotch and inner upper thighs) but that was only something nitpicky me would notice, I’m sure.

Status: Kept!

The shirt was kind of strange.  It looks fine on (which surprised the hell outta me), but it’s so scratchy that my inner arms were starting to get raw just from taking pictures in it.  The gold/black main part of the shirt is a fabric I can’t identify other than the scratch factor is 10/10.  The vinyl sleeves looked cool from far away but up close…basically this whole shirt is a Monet.  Great from far away, up close…nightmare.

Status: Returned!



I asked for a dress and anything purple, so my stylist really delivered on this one.  At first I wasn’t sure about the laser cut outs at the bottom because fingers fit really nicely into the cutouts and I could just see the dog jumping or kids pulling on my clothes annnnnnnd RIIIIP.  But this dress was so adorable I had to give it a chance.

Status: Kept!




I also asked for a blazer.  This is what arrived.  HELL TO THE NO.  Ok, ok, I will say one positive thing: the color is gorgeous.  Now that the sugar-coating is over…it looks like a Kohl’s reject.  Lumpy, uneven bottom, uneven collar that won’t lay flat, has pull marks in the stomach even though it wasn’t tight at all, wrinkly fabric (even though it was packaged nicely and shouldn’t have been wrinkled).  Not for me.  Still want a blazer but preferably not this one.  Oh wait…there was one more problem…



RUFFLES.  Chiffon RUFFLES.  Maybe that was my bad for not specifically mentioning my strong feelings on (most) ruffles but seriously…I am 33, not 3.  Save the ruffles for someone’s bloomers.

Status: Returned and hopefully sent to the dump.



The necklace was sent to go with the dress/blazer from hell.  It was pretty cute but, like the blazer, wouldn’t lie flat and the clasp literally fell off in my hand.  Not to mention, for $28 I need to LOVE the necklace.  I didn’t love it.

Status: Returned, broken.


Overall, I think my stylist did an amazing job of combining what I asked for and what I needed.  I can’t wait for my next Stitch Fix!  If you think you’d like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, here’s my referral link:

Don’t hesitate to use it. 🙂

I Said, Hey. What’s Going On?

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Ok ladies and gents, I promised you an explanation for my year-long “maternity leave” and here it is.  Enjoy!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So basically, I was not blogging because I was busy raising kids and having an awesome life.  Sorry I’m not sorry!



P.S. I did leave out a few events (like G$ getting potty trained…nobody wants to see that!)


P.P.S. Yes, that is a 4 Non Blondes reference.  Props to those of you who store random lyrics in your brain like I do.

New Year, New Stuff

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Every year I like to look back at the past year through photos, blog posts, emails and etc. and get a good overview of how last year went.  It’s less a list of resolutions and more a guide on how not to F up/how to keep being awesome.

As I looked back over the last year’s worth of Facebook posts, photos, blogs, and more, I realized there were quite a few areas in which I could vastly improve.  Probably the most obvious of which was how (in)frequently I post here.  According to my records, I wrote 6 blogs last year.  SIX.  That’s one every 2 months (and in reality, more like 3 in one month and nothing for 3 months).  Not cool.

After some introspection on the matter, I made two decisions.

#1.  Things have to change.  See, I started writing this blog when we got married and I moved to Goofy Ridge.  Adam and I celebrated our 7th anniversary yesterday.  Suffice to say, my perspective has changed in the last seven years. 🙂  When I began this blog, I would talk to my suburban friends about my life and frequently hear them shocked and amazed at how things operate in a rural area.  Those of you who remember the Frank bumper story know what I mean.  But, like many things in life, the longer you’re exposed to them, the more normal they seem.  Maybe it’s because we have two kids now and we just don’t get out much but I’m finding myself exposed to fewer things that you might find on Dog the Bounty Hunter and more and more things likely found on a riveting episode of Guy’s Grocery Games.


(I know, Mom.  I watch too much tv.)


(No, I do not watch Dog the Bounty Hunter.)


(Or Guy’s Grocery Games.)


#2.  Those of you who have followed me this long deserve an explanation of what I WAS doing, when I should/could have been blogging.  🙂



But, you’ll have to wait on that until a later date.  Those fun-sucking kids I mentioned?  (Oh, did I not mention they’re fun-suckers?  They’re fun-suckers.  Luckily, they are also cute.  Most of the time.)  Anyway, the fun-suckers are boycotting nap time today.  More on my 2014 Blog Absence Explanation to come.

Our Own Personal Tooth Fairy

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I’ve written a few times about G$’s teeth.  It’s not a good situation.  He is now three and most of his teeth are yellowed from damaged/incorrectly formed enamel.

There is good news.  His teeth haven’t changed or worsened.  THANK YOU, JESUS!  We are still applying fluoride and special toothpaste but, overall, things are going as well as can be expected.  If nothing else, we can be grateful that he hasn’t needed baby caps (yet)!

Recently, he had his 3 year checkup.  They were finally able to take x-rays (God knows how, because I heard the epic fit from across the room!) and they are cautiously optimistic for his adult teeth.  They said the shape is good (If they were damaged like his baby teeth, the X-rays would show jagged, oddly shaped teeth.  Instead, they showed normal, smooth, wavy teeth.) although they are not quite as developed as the dentist would like.  And we found out he has an extra tooth in the roof of his mouth.  How weird is that?!  Either way, we are happy for ANY good news when it’s tooth-related! 🙂

The best news of all, however, doesn’t involve G$’s teeth at all.  Princess E’s first two teeth came through and they are SNOW WHITE!  WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  I don’t know if words can truly express our excitement.  Although we are much more comfortable dealing with the damaged teeth and all the issues that come with them, we always hoped any future children would be spared this issue.  And she has!  Hallelujah!

It’s like we have our own personal tooth fairy watching over both kids.


Farm Life Opposites

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Last week, Illinois Farm Families’ blog published a post I wrote.  I’m posting it here for those of you who missed it.


Recently, this blog shared a post about being under 30 and over $1 million in debt.  That really struck a chord with me (even though I’m 31).

It served as a good reminder that, in many ways, going from a “normal” life to a farm wife requires a complete shift in thinking. I often find that for all the “truths” that apply to suburban life, the exact opposite is true for farm families.

Non-farm jobs get paid on a regular basis, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Farmers get paid sporadically throughout the year, whenever they sell grain or a contracted crop is harvested. Some years that amounts to three payments in a 12-month period, therefore you have to be REALLY on top of your finances.

Non-farmers are taught that loans are bad and to be avoided, if at all possible. Farmers not only need loans, we RELY on loans. We may only get paid three times a year, but our bills are due every month just like everyone else. In order for them to be paid on time, we get an operating loan. An operating loan can range from tens of thousands to millions of dollars, depending on the size of the farmer’s operation. The operating loan is basically a one-year line of credit to fill in during the times we haven’t been paid for a few months. The loan is always paid back at the end of the year. Sure, paying interest irritates farmers just as it would any other person but, for farmers, it’s simply part of life.

The same goes for credit cards. Most people are taught not to use credit cards for things they cannot afford. Farmers use credit cards for things they really can afford but, due to the timing of our income being varied, may not have the cash for this very second. For example, a new combine costs around $200,000. Not too many people have that kind of cash on hand. And that’s just ONE of the pieces of machinery we require. Farming has a lot of overhead.

One last difference also has to do with our proximity (or lack thereof) to the rest of society. Because we live 35 miles from the nearest city, when we do drive there to shop, get groceries, run errands, etc. we tend to buy more, spend more and do more at one time. This leads to the difference in fuel efficiency as a priority. Most people are taught that they should buy the most fuel-efficient vehicles they can. Farmers still care about fuel efficiency but oftentimes the vehicles with better gas mileage are either too small or not made for the rough terrain. The average MPG of our two main vehicles is 15 MPG. My husband cannot haul grain in a Prius and I can’t fit two kids, a golden retriever and enough groceries to survive the apocalypse into a Camry. Not to mention, it’s pretty tough to take lunch out to the field without four-wheel drive.

One thing we have in common with non-farmers is that the majority of people want to live reasonably close to where we work. We don’t just live reasonably close; we live where we work. Literally. But we aren’t so different. Non-farmers might be checking their work email at 11 pm and farmers might be out checking their irrigators.

All in all, we aren’t so different; like everything else in life, it’s just a matter of perspective.

Farm Census

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The USDA recently released its latest Census of Agriculture.  This census is done every five years, unlike the population census.

For all of us ag nerds, it was chock full of interesting information.  Here are a few tidbits:


– The total number of farmers is down, with the decrease in female farmers being greater than the decrease in male farmers.

– 70% of farmers now have the internet (up from 57% in 2007!)

– The average age of farmers is 58.3 years old

– 57% of farmers sold less than $10,000 worth of crops/livestock (This is total sales, not net profit.)

– 70% of farmers report that less than 25% of their income comes from farming


What do all these numbers mean?


For our family, they illustrate that farming is a very risky business (and not in the Tom Cruise underwear and socks kind of way).  And although things can change in an instant, FOR NOW, we are among the lucky ones.  We are safe.  We have a roof over our heads.  We can pay our bills.  We are happy.  We are blessed.

My husband is a 7th generation farmer.  That means we were lucky enough to have a bit of a head start with land and knowledge of the business side of farming.  The sad truth is that it is extremely difficult to get into farming without being “born into” it.  Land prices are sky rocketing.  Equipment costs are in the six-figure range.  That is why nearly HALF of farmers aren’t turning a net profit.  Talk about terrifying.  These are the people producing your food and growing the crops that make your clothes, fuel your cars, and become your craft beer.

The census shows that we aren’t all the stereotypical 80-year-old white male in coveralls who sits at the gas station drinking coffee and arguing about the weather.  Ok, some of us are.  But most of us have young children in rural areas where there aren’t always a lot of family, friends or TARGET conveniences of modern life.

We may be somewhat isolated but we want you, the general public, to know about our farms (and not just from a census).  We want you to see what we are doing, to know that 97% of us are family businesses, to know that we are just like you (but with a lot more corn and cattle).  Please ask us questions, read our blogs, tour our farms…just call first so we can change out of our coveralls. 🙂

The #1 thing the ag census indicates to me is that our numbers may be declining but our passion for farming is at an all-time high.

Farm D-Day, Take 2

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One of the most common questions people ask is whether life on the farm is very different from life in the suburbs.  The answer is yes and no.  Obviously, there are a LOT of differences (most of which are based purely on lack of proximity to EVERYTHING), but there are some similarities.

One big difference, however, was illustrated this afternoon.  As my kids and I were playing outside, we received a phone call from my husband telling us to get the dog and go inside IMMEDIATELY.

You see, today was Farm D-Day.  Or, perhaps I should say 2, 4-D Day.  2,4-D is a herbicide (aka weed-killer) that we spray on our crops.  (For my word nerds out there, it’s pronounced two four D.)  It is not dangerous to humans, just broadleaf weeds. 🙂  Broadleaf weeds can be anything from dandelions and clover to morning glory and marestail.  But my favorite thing it kills is ragweed.  Allergy sufferers, say it with me, HALLELUJAH!  Ragweed is the devil!

2,4-D isn’t toxic but it can give you a nasty headache if you stand outside in it long enough.  I don’t think people in the suburbs have to worry about clouds of brown chemical fog invading their backyard very often…but I don’t have to worry about my neighbor’s dog leaving brown land mines in my yard, so I call that a win for farm life! 😉

Farm D-Day

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One of the most common questions people ask is whether life on the farm is very different from life in the suburbs.  The answer is yes and no.  Obviously, there are a LOT of differences (most of which are based purely on lack of proximity to EVERYTHING), but there are some similarities.

One big difference, however, was illustrated this afternoon.  As my kids and I were playing outside, we received a phone call from my husband telling us to get the dog and go inside IMMEDIATELY.

You see, today was Farm D-Day.  Or, perhaps I should say 2, 4-D Day.  2,4-D is a herbicide (aka weed-killer) that we spray on our

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