Happy Anniversary!

Oct 4, 2012 by

God bless the iPhone.

No, seriously.

The last time my parents were featured on this blog it was my mother’s unfortunate incident with a drawer that I’m sure she’s thrilled I’m linking to it again. 🙂  Dad’s last solo appearance was the infamous “What do you mean they’re not oreos?” debacle.  Classy bunch, right there.  Is it really such a shocker that with those two in charge of my DNA, I ended up living in Goofy Ridge? 😉

Yesterday Mom and Dad celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary.  Woot woot!  Thanks to the ever-wonderful iPhone, however, this glorious event was documented for the world to see.

Their anniversary dinner was spent at Culver’s.  Dad wore his best thermal knit (aka long underwear material) CAMOFLAGE shirt and acid washed jeans.  I talked to them on the way there and joked that they should get off the phone with me and have a nice conversation on the long drive (they live 3 miles away).  Dad said “No, I’m glad it’s a short drive because I have gas.”  Mom said, “He even got me flowers.  They were filler flowers, and they were moldy, but he got me flowers.  Oh wait, your dad wants me to tell you they were $5.  No, he says actually they were $4.88.”

Is it possible that my Dad is the original Ridge Rat?



Either way, happy anniversary Mom and Dad!

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