Hidden Treasures

Feb 18, 2013 by

*Potential TMI Warning*

G$ is into EVERYTHING lately.  One of his favorite “toys” is my blow dryer.  Every day, whether I shower or not, without fail, he gets into the cabinet and pulls out the blow dryer.  Adam calls it his “ray gun.”

Today, while Adam and I were getting ready for church, G$ disappeared.  We assumed he was off playing somewhere and continued getting ready.

When we came home from church, the living room seemed messier than usual.  Sure enough, G$ HAD been off playing somewhere while we got ready.  Evidently, he’d gone into our bathroom, gone through the cabinets, snatched a whole box of tampons and threw them all over the living room.  I’m not sure whether to be disgusted or impressed that he did all this and avoided capture.

After picking them up, we found one more under the coffee table.  Adam thought G$ ripped it open because the wrapper was torn.  It was only after I went to throw it away that I realized G$ must’ve been a little sneakier than we originally though…because this one didn’t come from the box.  It came from the trash can.

Yep.  I’ll let that one sink in.

All I can say is, G$, your “toys”…WOOF!

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