Housewarming Party Fun

Jun 29, 2009 by

Before I get into the housewarming party fun, here is the stupid celebrity “news” headline of the day:
Abigail Breslin gets $1 pay raise.

Of course this caught my interest, since she’s made several hit movies w/ paychecks closer to the $1-2 million range than the $1-2 range. Apparently she now earns her age ($13) weekly (up from $12) for her allowance from her mom and dad. Her new chore which caused the pay increase? Feeding her cat.

BTW the rest of the news was about the Oxyclean guy’s death, Kendra’s wedding, Michael Jackson’s death and Michael Jackson’s family/BET tribute. Actual news. Again.

Also, I’m going to forgo my planned blog about MJ. I think, at this point, it would serve as nothing more than overkill and I’ve said enough via facebook and private conversations. I hope he has more peace than he ever did on earth. That’s it.

The housewarming party was awesome! We had about 30 people, give or take, and it was a blast! Thanks to everyone who came out. I don’t think a lot of people understand how much work throwing a party really is. It’s all I worked on for almost 2 weeks. Plenty of people made long drives to get here, and we really do appreciate all of you. Luckily, all the food was long gone at the end of the night (too bad Adam and I never got any!)…but strangely enough there were at least 3 cases of beer untouched. Oh darn! 🙂 I think the cleanup is going to be a hell of a lot easier than the set up. How weird is that? Then again, I may be blogging tomorrow about what an asinine statement that was, so we’ll see!

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