I thought I’d seen it all…

May 8, 2009 by

Really…I thought I had.

As I mentioned in previous posts, yesterday was L-Day. We all had a great time (my apologies to Ty for an upset stomach over my last post!) but, as we pulled out of the driveway to go home, the MINIVAN lurched to a complete stop.
Let me just lay out the scene here…
We are in a MINIVAN. 7 adults. On a dirt road. It’s been raining. The van comes to a complete stop and everyone on the right side of the van is opening the doors and looking out the windows. I hear something about a toad and I’m wondering WTF about a toad would warrant a van stopping in the middle of the road…at which point I committed the ultimate sin and actually voiced this question, only to be told, “it’s not a toad!!!!! It’s a BULLFROG!”

…I see…

As it turns out, the debate going on on the right side of the minivan was whether someone should get out and take the bullfrog. Keep in mind, none of these people are exactly…animal lovers. Most, in fact, are skilled and avid hunters. So I’m still pondering wtf is going on, when they decide they are NOT going to pick up the bullfrog, because it’s been run over by the van. This caused quite a stir, because apparently he wasn’t dead yet and would have made excellent frog legs.

That’s right. They actually discussed picking up road kill (though the bullfrog technically was not dead yet) for DINNER! I hate to think what the outcome might have been if we’d been pulling in to Larry’s, rather than leaving!

I wasn’t aware people actually did this. I thought it was one of those redneck jokes that are funny because they don’t actually happen to real people with jobs and money. I was mistaken. Color me shocked.

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