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Best of 2009 Blog Challenge

I heard about this idea from my girl over at Hilarity Ensues and I think it’s pretty cool.  Plus, this way I won’t have to stay up all night thinking about how many days of bad luck I’ve added up by not filling out email Christmas surveys.

The basic idea is to blog on a different topic for each day of December, recounting the best (fill in the blank) of 2009.  Like D., I also am psyched to not have to think about things to write about on my own…not that Adam leaves me in short supply…

December 7th: Best Blog (you didn’t know you were missing) of 2009
Since it would be rude to nominate myself and all my awesomeness…damn.  I’ll go with author Jen Lancaster’s blog Jennsylvania.  She started out as an unemployed ex-sorostitute, emailing her friends about the trials and tribulations of finding a new job…and ended up becoming an author.  She loves Twilight, cats and shoes…no wonder it’s also Adam’s favorite blog!  (Just kidding…in case you couldn’t tell.  He barely knows what a blog is.)  My favorite post so far this year is Taylor, Show Me on the Doll Where the Bad Cougar Touched You.

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