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*WARNING: This blog contains graphic injury photos.*

This looks like it’s going to be Part 1 of many.

It’s been a rough couple weeks for our family; lots of life changes.

One relative broke off a serious relationship, which is always tough, though this time for the best. All of that, only to be forced to interact with the ex due to the hanging death of a close friend.

My cousin, while cooking french fries on the stove, overheated the oil and rushed to the sink to run water on it. Naturally, this was a terrible idea. Oil and water do NOT mix, and when hot oil splatters, it tends to burn your skin terribly.

The following is a photo of her hand, after the fact. It is graphic.

She has a doctor’s appointment this morning to remove the blisters and loose skin. She will be awake and, needless to say, this will be excruciating.

My aunt (her mother) wanted to be at the doctor’s appt. this morning, and was en route to my cousin’s apartment last night, when she was in a terrible car accident. A car pulled in front of her on the interstate and had no brakes. She swerved to avoid hitting him and broke her good ankle and femur (in 2 places!) in the process. She is currently hospitalized and waiting for surgery to insert a rod in her femur. Through miracles of God and science, she will be able to stand on it (after surgery) in only TWO DAYS! Her ankle, however, cannot be operated on until the swelling goes down.

In more positive life-changes news, another cousin recently got engaged! We are so thrilled for her and her fiance! Nothing brings a family together like a great wedding! Congrats!

Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers during these difficult and/or stressful times. Looks like we’re going to need all we can get.

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