Little Bunny Foo Foo?

Jun 10, 2010 by

No matter how long I live in this area, certain things still surprise me.  The following is no exception.

A few weeks ago, at our weekly gathering, a friend mentioned that her 16 yr old went out to feed her pet rabbit one morning…and found it half dead.  It lives in a nice outdoor cage, and something had burrowed under the cage, and eaten the rabbit’s feet, leaving it to bleed to death.  By the time the girl got to the rabbit, it was too late. 

My husband, Mr. Sensitive, asked if they ate the rabbit. 

No, no, they did not. 

This was determined for certain not because my friend said so, but by my neighbor, who said they probably couldn’t have eaten the rabbit anyway, because it likely wouldn’t have been good after being kept in captivity like that. 

WTF?  Where AM I? 

Did I seriously just witness a conversation about why you should/should not eat your dead pet? 

You might think after the frog vs. bullfrog incident last year, that this kind of reaction towards animals wouldn’t surprise me…but you’d be wrong.

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