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Since it was the first weekend of NFL football, Adam and I decided to have a little celebration at home.  I sent him to the grocery store to pick up a few last-minute items.

He came back with some foreign substance otherwise known as “pickle and pimento loaf.”  WTF is this?  It’s mechanically separated meat.  Gross.  It’s so processed.  It looks like something out of my nightmares.  No female on the planet would eat this shit, guaranteed.



I pulled it out and said, “Seriously?  Pickle and pimento loaf?  Sick.”

Adam ran around the corner, suddenly DEAD SERIOUS, and said, “That’s MINE!”

Ooooook there, stud.  I’ll try to keep my hands off.  It will be hard, but I’ll do my best.  OH WAIT.


I think I’ll pass.

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