Merry Christmas, Father Time

Dec 9, 2011 by

Hey!  I’m back!  Remember me?

Apologies for the long blog absence (would that be…blog-sense?)  Christmas season seems to get the best of me and my lack of time management skills every year.  No time management means, among other things, not planning my meals ahead like I normally do, which results in a lot of eating on the fly, usually at whatever “restaurant” is closest.  Unfortunately, that usually means fast food.  Gross.

Every time Adam and I are in the drive-thru, I feel like I might have accidentally married Father Time.  Like…the oldest man alive.  Guaranteed, on any given day, at any given fast food restaurant, put us in the drive-thru with him in the driver’s seat and the following conversation will occur:

Drive-thru lady: That’ll be $7.82 please.

Me: (Mentally) I do not feel good about eating “food” that is so crappy that two people can eat for under $8 and they’ve still made a PROFIT off of it.

Adam: (gets out cash)

Me: What’s with the cash? Why not use the AMEX? (Side note: We are saving points for a trip next year, and this card gives us mucho rewards)

Adam: I don’t know…do you think they take American Express here?

Me: It’s McDonald’s/Culver’s/Steak n’ Shake/insert XYZ chain here.  Of course they do.

Adam: I don’t know..they didn’t start taking credit cards that long ago?

Me: ….

Me:  WHAT? Seriously, what are you talking about?

Adam: No, I can remember when the drive-thru only took cash, I swear it was not that long ago!

Me: ………………………………….

Me: Just trust me on this.


Sometimes the 4.5 year age difference really feels like 45 years. Gotta love him. 🙂

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