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You guessed it. Mice (or meeses, as Adam would say) still live in Chateau de Goofy. (Is it too presumptuous to give your own house a name? Do people in Mason County know how to pronounce chateau? And I digress…) Adam says he saw another one, and Bella definitely dug one up for the Jehovah’s Witnesses that stopped by a few days ago. Luckily all 4 stayed outside (2 JWs, Bella and her mouse, that is).

Speaking of Jehovah’s Witnesses, this was a particularly interesting visit. Last year they stopped by our old house (down the road) when I was the only one home, greasy from working in the yard (ie pissed off that I was alone, dirty, prevented from continuing yard work–if I’d rather continue yard work than talk, you know it’s bad–and that I had to deal with these loons anyway) and etc. The lady claimed to be from out of state, visiting a congregation in Pekin, heard how bad the area was, and so they headed our way. Great. She stayed and talked for probably 30 minutes, and nothing I said could shake her. Fast forward to this year.

2 ladies show up (and a dude who stayed in the car that I didn’t see until they were leaving — go figure, men stay in the A/C and drive). I hadn’t showered, spent the morning cleaning and dealing w/ the dog’s antics (again, pissed off) and didn’t want ANYONE to see me in my nasty, smelly state. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel bad about smelling like ass for the JWs.

The dog ran out the door w/ her bone (because all new visitors are greeted this way), and the same damn lady from last year is standing at the door, along w/ her taller, older accomplice. They start yammering away about how the lady is from Michigan and just visiting the area, etc etc. Same old song and dance. They even have the exact same book (The Watchtower) full of Bible verses and information. Even though their first question is whether I believe in Jesus as my Savior or as a great man who lived a long time ago, and my answer is that I have gone to church since I was born and do regard Jesus as my Savior, continue to go to church now, and am not a JW, this does not stop her. Motor mouth blabs on and on about how helpful the book is, which I already know since she gave it to me herself last year. Finally she tries to sum up by telling me that I should read this book along with my Bible and it will answer all my questions. Unfortunately, that did not sum it up because a few things happened in a blur.
1. The taller lady standing behind Motor Mouth started talking for the first time, and made some wide hand/arm gestures, and accidentally smacked MM in the face. Apparently the taller woman is blind. It was really hard to hold it together at that point.
2. What the blind woman was trying to ask me was that if I had any questions while reading the book, would I like to have her congregation contact me? First off, I already told you I have a church and am not now, nor will I ever be interested in becoming a JW. Second, and most importantly, you just told me this book would answer all my questions…so which is it?
3. After the contradiction and me telling them I would not like to be contacted again, by anyone, and the blind woman hitting MM in the face, they tried to leave, so I figured I better collect the dog since she has an annoying habit of trying to escape via whatever visiting vehicle happens to be in the driveway. (God help our future children.) I made a comment about finding the dog and they go, oh she’s right here playing with her booooooooooooooo……and never finished. It was not the bone. It was a dead mouse. Lord only knows if she killed it or the Lord smote Mickey III to save me from my trials and tribulations (MM and Sir Smaxalot). Either way, major props to the big guy in the sky for his comedic timing. It really was on point that day.
Thankfully, like all God’s creatures, Mickey III did not die in vain, but served a purpose — the JWs left pretty quickly after that. WOOT!

A few things to note after the experience though.

1. I accidentally locked the front door, therefore locking myself out of the house. Well, I didn’t accidentally lock the door, I did that as soon as I opened it and saw MM and Sir Smaxalot standing there. I accidentally CLOSED the door and accidentally locked myself out. As I walked around to the garage, I noticed that apparently talking to me, stalking me and handing me their ridiculous book of contradictions was not enough, they also put a pamphlet in my garage door. That really pissed me off. GO AWAY PSYCHOS!
2. MM mentioned that she would have to go back to Michigan soon, as she couldn’t afford to take a longer vacation than planned.

Vacation. VACATION?!?!

God forgive my complaining about a smaller-than-requested room in Aruba.

This is some people’s idea of a vacation ?! And I thought I’d had some crappy trips. Wow.

I am reminded of a comedian who played here locally several months ago, who was reminiscing about his childhood and how, when there was a thunderstorm with lightning, his parents would run around the house, turning off lights and unplugging things, and demanding the kids do so as well. His childhood brain presumed if the lights were all off that must mean the lightning wouldn’t know they were home, and pass them by. He referred to the lightning as the Jehovah’s Witness of the sky. 🙂

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  1. Anonymous

    I received a handwritten letter in my door last year from a JW….glad I didn't have to deal with them in person. My mom always said to them, "let's agree to disagree". She said she believe in Jesus, and went to church but could not believe that her father & grandmother were not in heaven…and she didn't want to talk about it. Those people….no one else goes around trying to convert…isn't the important thing that you believe, are saved & attend church..religion is manmade…those JW's need to back off.

    (P.s..it isn't anonymous I just don't get the drop down & menu how to post my comment as:

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