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Can you have “one of those days” for several days?  I hope so because, if not, someone needs to explain what the heck has been going on this week!


It all started with rice cereal.  That damn rice cereal.  For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of the What to Expect books, let me save you some time.  They are designed to make parents feel like shit and not trust your own instincts.  G-Money is eating nearly 40 oz of formula every day, and has been for several weeks now.  It is not a growth spurt, unless his very existence is a giant growth spurt, though at this point, nothing would surprise me.


The WTE books insist you should not give your child cereal before 4 months old, as their precious digestive system isn’t up to the task of processing anything but milk just yet.  Believe me, I have upset his digestive system accidentally before, and I’d prefer not to do it again.  The problem is…these WTE “rules” are all fine and great, until you’ve been up 2x a night feeding your starving son 7 oz at a time…the very same son who eats ALL.DAY.LONG.  ALL DAY.  I determined that WTE can suck it.  I’m going w/ the cereal.


Day 1 was a nightmare.  A regular Murphy’s Law of cereal eating (or not eating, as the case was in our house).  I had to wake him up to eat, then we had the wrong nipple, I use the regular one and it clogged, I cut it and he choked, he spit it out, we tried a bowl-he hated it, spit out the spoon (when you could get it anywhere near his mouth, which was next to never), everything in 10 feet was covered in spit-up cereal.  All this right after I’d given him a bath.  Rock on.  I don’t think this is what Precious Moments had in mind.


I wasn’t even sure he ate a drop of the cereal until the next day when he had gray poop logs after being blocked up all morning.  Cool.


Cereal: Take 2 went much better, but he still woke up at his usual times, starving.  No rest for the wicked.


Day 3 started out uneventful.  I went to Subway and got Adam some lunch, trying to be a nice wife and surprise him, only to find he wasn’t at the office…because harvest started!  Ok fine, glad to get it going so it ends sooner.  I needed to go to the grocery store, made it to the end of the driveway and found out Adam had used all my gas and my tire pressure was low.  In the process of dealing w/ that issue, I realized I’d been walking around all day with a broken headband due to cracking my head on the car door.  Imagine one side of a headband sticking straight out from your head.  That was me.  And no one told me.


I finally make it to the store, and there are orange and blue Bud Light cans on sale.  I thought I’d be a nice wife and get the cold ones, bring them to Adam and our hired hand and trucker.  I drove straight to the field, and they were gone.  Moved on to a different field 10 miles in the opposite direction.  This Bud’s for…the refrigerator.  Oh well, I REALLY bought them because there was a mail-in rebate.  God, I love to save money.


I forgot to mention that, while at the store, I bought some bacon from the deli.  The meat man packaged it up all nice and pretty…until I got to the checkout, where the seal broke, the paper tore and two lbs of bacon dumped out into my cart. Sanitary.  I should note that, those of you who like to save money here and there, deli bacon is almost always $2-3 cheaper per pound than prepackaged bacon.  This saving money thing is turning out to be a pain in the ass.


Luckily, the cereal eating was a success that night, because I don’t think I could’ve handled it otherwise. Not without the help of Captain Morgan anyway.  G-Money is STILL waking up at 2:30,  as starving as the day is long.  If anyone out there has tips on how to break him of what I now think is simply a bad habit, please let me know.  Mama needs SLEEP.  Too many more days of this and I’m shutting his door, turning off the monitor and feeding him when *I* wake up.


Is harvest over yet?

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