Month of Thankfulness

Nov 13, 2012 by

I admit it.  I’m all over this Facebook 30 Days of Thankfulness bit.  I know it annoys some people because, admittedly, we should all be thankful EVERY day of the year, not just the 30 days that fall closest to Thanksgiving.  But come on, people.  Do any of you actually remember to sit and think of something to be grateful for on the other 335 days of the year?  Lord knows I don’t.

It’s pretty ridiculous too, considering.  Our family is extraordinarily blessed and yet, some days, it seems so much easier to find things to complain and whine about.

We had a good harvest, even though the weather was dry and generally crap-tastic.  Despite me currently having pneumonia and G$’s cold, we are an overall healthy family.  Why does it take being so sick to finally appreciate how valuable your health is?

Maybe rather than being snippy with each other over the merits of a Facebook campaign for gratitude, we should spend that time with our families, our communities, our friends.  Spend it being thankful together, for each other.

Oh, and one more thing, if you’re already thankful for what will surely be an amazing Thanksgiving meal, thank a farmer. 🙂


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