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I tease Adam quite a bit, especially in the stories I post.  In my day to day life, I try not to succumb to the “ways of the Ridge” and other moronic moments but, let’s face it, sometimes I make a COMPLETE ass of myself.  Fortunately, I have a pretty good sense of humor.  So, I’m going to post an incident that happened about a month ago and let you all decide whether this incident was truly avoidable, or just my first step in learning how to survive in BFE.

It was February, and like most other February days, there were 5 inches of snow on the ground from a few days prior, and it was just starting to flurry again.  I needed to take Bella to the vet for her pink eye, but was hesitant to drive the Cam-uar, as I wasn’t 100% certain of the road conditions.  Adam came home about 20 minutes before I had to leave, and told me the roads were fine, nothing was sticking, but they might get bad if the temperature dropped.  He recommended that I take the F150, so I did.  He asked me to put some bills in the mailbox on my way down the road. 

I turned out of the driveway towards the mailbox and was thinking that I needed to be very careful not to scrape his side mirrors on the mailbox.  The reason this particular thought ran through my mind is that whenever I drive the Cam-uar, he freaks out and acts like I’m going to hit the mailbox.  The truck/side mirrors are much bigger, taller, and stick out further than the Cam-uar’s mirrors.  Lord knows if anything happened to this truck, I would neeeeeeeeeeever hear the end of it.

I pulled up to the mailbox and I was freakin’ proud.  Smooth turn, not even CLOSE to the mirrors, didn’t even have to take my seatbelt off to reach into the mailbox.  What a great driver I turned out to be!  And in a truck that I rarely drive!  In fact, one of two trucks I’ve driven…ever.  I ROCK.

As I was pulling away I heard a soft thump…and I mean teeny tiny SOFT thump.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw snow falling off the top of the truck.  Since the noise was so soft, I literally thought it was the sound of snow falling from the top of the truck onto the mirror. 

I was mistaken.

The sound was the truck fishtailing into the mailbox and knocking it off the post.  Whoops.

The idea of coming home to tell Adam what had happened was less than thrilling but, ultimately, unavoidable.  After explaining the situation, he told me that it was all my fault.  After all…I was driving.  He informed me that “everyone knows the ass end of a truck is lighter than a car’s and likely to fishtail.”  He said he couldn’t believe I would think that 2 full sized steel toolboxes in the bed of the truck, plus weights and chains and various other farm gears/parts would be enough to keep a truck on the road.  He didn’t understand why I thought the roads were clear.  What an idiot I turned out to be.

My question is…why?

Why would I think the roads were clear after he told me 20 minutes before that they were?

Why would I think 2 full steel toolboxes and various other heavy crap would help keep a truck on the road, after he told me he put them in there to help weigh it down?

Why in the world wouldn’t I be included in the “everyone” who knows that the “ass end of a truck is light,” especially considering I have never owned a truck and rarely drive one?

Why did I decide to drive the truck, especially after he suggested it?


Because I had one majorly unfortunate communication error before I left the house:
I listened to my husband. 🙂

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  1. ltsump

    in the words of our illustrious 2nd president john adams, thank god for making men stubborn, especially when we know we are right!!!

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