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Aug 15, 2013 by

I blogged a few years ago to say that I’d no longer be posting funny stories about our rental property/tenants.


Today, things have changed.


A pipeline is going in near our town and the workers building it are flooding into town looking for places to live, like…yesterday.  Great news for us slumlords, right?


Today we got a phone call from a potential tenant.  He had all the right answers: full-time job, agreed to the rent, seemed to be a nice guy.  All the right answers that is, up until he said “There is just one thing I need to tell you.  I have four monkeys.”


Four monkeys.  FOURFREAKINGMONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!


Apparently, we need not fear.  The monkeys wear diapers and clothes and have cages, so they won’t destroy the house.  Plus, they will remain living in Texas with his wife…until she comes to visit periodically, with the monkeys.


I have so many questions!

Why monkeys?  Why not dogs or cats?

What kind of monkeys?

Do monkeys have diseases?  (I’m tempted to call the vet on that one but I’m not sure how I would explain this…)

Most importantly, can I get some of those diapers and cages for my husband?  (Just kidding.  Sort of.)


Then I started wondering…when the wife comes to visit, she’s obviously going to have to drive…can you imagine?  Though, to be honest, 4 monkeys is probably not much different than a road trip with 4 kids. 😉  Imagine if she got pulled over!


Evidently, he seems like a really nice guy and even invited us over to see the monkeys whenever his wife comes to visit (assuming they do rent the house) (as if they could keep me away).


So, just in case you all got confused and started thinking Goofy Ridge was a normal place to live…it’s not.  😉


4 monkeys…there are no words.  Oh wait, does this mean we are in for some MONKEY BUSINESS?!   Oh I crack myself up.  🙂

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