Our Almost ER Trip

Jul 25, 2012 by

Adam came home for lunch today, which is always a nice way to break up my day and get to spend some quality time talking about broken irrigators hanging out with my husband. 🙂


Today, everything was going great until Adam doubled over clutching his eye.  G$ was taking a nap and the dog was in the other room, so literally NOTHING had moved/gone past him.  He swore up and down something was in his eye stabbing him.  He needed eye drops STAT!


After a good 4-5 minutes of eye rinsing (and considering how much he likes putting things in his eye, there were probably a total of 3 drops that actually made it in his eye and half a bottle of drops that went down his shirt, but I digress…), he came out, sat down and very calmly said, “I think it was an eyelash.”


Ahem.  Sound the alarm.


I started giggling at the thought of how horrible this “stabbing” sensation must have been from a rogue eyelash.  He was completely sobered by the experience.  Then came the best part of all…


He said it hurt so bad at the time that he was considering having me take him to the ER.

Dead serious.


Only a man! 😉


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