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The past few days have been very trying.  After my meltdown the other day, I thought I had a handle on things.  My mom agreed to watch G$ once a month so that I could have at least ONE day that I know I’ll be able to get all my chores, errands and put aside projects done.  What a huge weight off my shoulders!


Unfortunately, it was all downhill after that.  My grandpa’s beloved dog is dying of cancer, which would be hard enough for any normal person, but Grandpa just lost my grandma to breast cancer less than 2 years ago.  The poor guy!  Then I found out my sister’s cat has some ongoing mystery illness that is draining her bank account pretty quickly, as if dealing with everything that comes with a new fibromyalgia diagnosis is not enough.


Last, but not least, things here at Chateau de Goofy took an ugly turn on Friday as well.  Bella has been limping around a lot lately, and it’s been going on for a while.  We thought she pulled a muscle during a hunting trip, so we ignored it and figured it would simply go away.  It didn’t.


While getting G$ ready to go to Bella’s checkup, I realized it was below freezing temperatures and G$ would need a coat.  I grabbed it out of the closet and the hanger got caught.  Keep in mind, the whole process of going to the closet, getting the coat out and untangling the hangers took probably 15 seconds.  I turned around to go back and put the coat on G$, only to see him MID AIR on his way to the floor.  I freaked out!  There is nothing in life that can prepare you for seeing your child possibly on his way to serious injury (or death) and it’s your fault and you can’t stop it.  Luckily, he was still conscious and, other than crying and in pain from hitting his head, he seemed ok.  He was lucky and landed on his back, so that took the brunt of the fall.


We somehow managed to make Bella’s appointment on time still…only to find out she has a ruptured ACL and needs surgery.


After all the drama that day, I thought I better take G$ to the ER, just in case.  All I could think of was Natasha Richardson dying after she thought she was fine following her head injury.  So we spent almost 2 hours in the ER and G$ is fine.  For all you parents out there, according to the ER doctor, statistically the rate of serious injury from falls goes up dramatically if your child falls a distance greater or equal to 2.5x their height.  Again, luckily, G$ didn’t fall that far, so he’s fine.  Still scared the shit out of me though!


I think I need a drink.


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