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Jul 29, 2009 by

This has been on my mind since Sunday, so I’m hoping for some feedback from any of my fantastic readers.

Does anyone else watch Hung (HBO before Entourage)?

Last Sunday’s episode got me thinking.

In the episode, the main male character is at the main female character’s house, using her tub because his house burnt down. While sitting in her tub, he notices a pink Bic razor sitting on the side of the tub, with a huge clump of trimmed pubes stuck in it.

I get that it was a joke, and was meant to be over the top and make a point about the characters. I get it.

What bothers me is numerous, so I shall make a list:
1. Who uses disposable razors anymore?
2. Who uses disposable razors on their genitals?
3. Wouldn’t the higher risk of cutting yourself on those cheap ass crappy disposable razors be enough to keep it away from your legs/face, let alone your crotch?
4. Isn’t the point of a disposable razor to DISPOSE of it, after use?

This is the most important question and the one I’m looking for the most response on:
5. Would anyone, man or woman, who did actually use a Bic razor (or ANY razor, for that matter) to do some…landscaping…not clean the damn thing out?

Seriously. Think about it. I’m pretty sure everyone at least rinses the damn thing out after shaving their legs or face…so why would this scenario be any different? Do people actually leave giant clumps of pubes lurking in their razors for unsuspecting bathroom guests to find?


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