Ridge Rats Hit the Big City

Jun 17, 2013 by

Just when I announce that the crazy redneck stories will probably be slowing down, something dropped in my lap that was FAR too good not to share. ūüôā


I have a relative who we will call J-Dub. ¬†J-Dub “doesn’t believe in Diaper Genies.” ¬†That’s right. ¬†Doesn’t believe in. ¬†In J-Dub’s child-raising timeframe, there was no such thing as a diaper genie and most people used cloth diapers; therefore, anytime there was a poopy diaper, the poop simply was dumped in the toilet and flushed. ¬†J-Dub doesn’t see why people don’t still do that, even with disposable diapers. ¬†Personally, I think poop is gross and the faster I can get rid of it, the better. ¬†To each their own.


Last week, J-Dub’s dog started having accidents in the house. ¬†They began to happen more and more frequently and in places the dog is normally scared to go (such as the bathroom, because the dog is afraid of water). ¬†While I was on the phone with J-Dub, she discovered one such accident and it was quite a mess. ¬†She continued to talk to me while cleaning up the poop which, OF COURSE, was dumped into the toilet and flushed. ¬†Then things went silent.


After a few moments I thought perhaps she’d hung up, but turns out she’d set the phone down to go get the plunger because the dog’s poop clogged the toilet.


You see, ladies and gents, rednecks do not just exist in Goofy Ridge!  Never in my life did I think I would personally know someone who plunges the toilet after their dog.


I might have suggested J-Dub get a diaper genie for the dog. ¬†I might have been called a smart ass. ūüôā





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