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Ok, I know I’ve blogged about this before, but it’s worth mentioning again.


Seriously, people, this is where it’s at!  I love it so much I ended a sentence with a preposition.  What does that tell you?  EXCITEMENT!  🙂


I love to shop online but, mostly, I love to save money. is how I do it.  This site allows you to shop at your favorite online stores, and get cash back (not points, prizes, or gift cards…CASH) on whatever you buy.  It’s that simple.  All you have to do is go to and sign up (it’s free!).  Plus, if you sign up and spend $25 at any of your favorite stores through their site, you get $5 automatically credited to your account.  Who doesn’t love free money, right?


Here are some examples of cash back percentages going on this week:

Childrens Place – 15% off (with code) + 3% cash back

Nordstrom – 5% cash back

Sephora – 4% cash back

Fossil – 7% cash back

Gap – 3% cash back


Almost any online store you can think of is on; it truly is amazing!  The only places I regularly shop that aren’t available through are Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn.  Other than that, I’ve had great luck.  In fact, I’ve even gotten Adam hooked on it.  Last Christmas, he bought me a Fossil watch and they had a Cyber Monday extra cash back special, so he got 10% cash back, which ended up being $13!  But even if you only spend a little here and there, it adds up quickly.  I have at least $20 almost every month, just buying regular things.  Toys R Us is even on the site!  Maybe when G$ is old enough, I’ll get him hooked too. 😉


Don’t forget to sign up (FREE!!!) and check it out.  You will not be sorry!  I posted a daily cash back special from Bed Bath and Beyond on the GOG facebook page, so “if you have the time,” make sure to take a look!

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