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I’ve been cooped up in the house for the last week and it’s starting to make me crazy.

Yesterday, I had to get out so we took G$ to lunch in a nearby town.  It was really cloudy and looked like it might snow.  Adam was bitching the ENTIRE WAY to the restaurant about how it was the perfect goose hunting day and he should’ve been out there, etc. etc. etc.

I did start to feel bad because he’s had to skip a lot of hunting since I’ve been so sick, and he didn’t get to goose hunt at all last year because it was too warm.  Sure enough, when we got back home, the field behind the house was FULL of geese.  Canadian geese which, for the normal people uninitiated, are much larger than other geese.

I asked why he didn’t just stand in the yard and shoot them if it was such a big deal.  Apparently that was a stupid question.  Apparently it’s “not really hunting” if you just walk out and shoot them.

Then he was really pissed.  Not because of my “stupid” question or even because he missed shooting the geese.  He was really pissed because he spent so much time nerding out by taking photos and videos and sending them to all his hunter friends that he was going to be late for the 2 pm showing of The Hobbit.


He left, but not before responding that he would not be able to hunt them tomorrow because A) it would be too sunny and B) hunting in the yard isn’t really hunting.  Silly me.

So you can imagine my glee when he got up this morning, dressed like the Abominable Snowman and I got to have this conversation:

Me: Wait, what happened to it not being a sport when it’s your own yard?

Adam: No, it’s not a sport because you can’t just walk out there and shoot them, you have to hide and wait for them, THEN shoot them!

Sor-ry.  So because you are HIDING from them, then it’s ok?  Is this Hide and Go Seek: Geese Edition?  At least now I know why he wanted the white sheets.



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