Sleep, Where Art Thou?

Apr 25, 2013 by

Let’s do a recap of my day thus far:

-4:30 AM – G$ wakes up the entire house.

-4:32 AM – I am the only one who actually gets up.

-4:33 AM – Rocking G$ in the dark, thanking God for little moments where I still get to snuggle him before he gets too big…but praying he goes back to sleep ASAP

-4:44 AM – G$ is eating breakfast, I notice that it is 4:44 and 44 degrees outside.  Maybe today will be lucky.

-4:45 AM – Not!

-5 – 6 AM – More snuggling…sleep is imminent, YESSSSSSSS!

-6:15 AM – Guess not.

-6:30 AM – G$ spills expensive red juice all over living room carpet.

-6:31 AM – While I clean it up, he gets into peanut butter and smears it on himself, the carpet cleaner, the table and my macbook.  Sadly, this laptop is already aware that choosy moms choose Jif.

-6:35 AM – Diaper bomb

-6:45 AM – Near Code Brown of my own

-7:30 AM – Contractors show up to continue causing migraines framing the basement.


Still on the docket: Plumber showing up to bid on his part of the basement.  Old contractor coming to rip tile out of the master bathroom shower they F’d up.


Poll of the Day: At what point in this time frame is it appropriate to start fantasizing about drinking wine?

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