Sometimes a Vacation is Not a Vacation

Jan 26, 2012 by

As much as I miss the beautiful weather of the Bahamas and seeing the ocean every morning, I really am glad to be back in the Ridge.  Our vacation was a much-needed break from the world and we are grateful to have the opportunity to travel.

Having said that, I should share with you all that this vacation was not 100% relaxing.  I ended up with a bladder infection the day before we left.  After that unexpected dr. appt., we arrived in Chicago and, due to the location of the hotel, there wasn’t much to do.  So we decided to head down to the hotel bar/restaurant to watch football and grab some dinner.  Finally, around 10 pm, I realized we had to be up at 5 AM for our flight, so I headed to bed.  Adam had 3/4 of his drink left and said he’d be up once he finished it.  Riiiight.

12:15, Frank the Tank rolls in. Literally ROLLS in to bed in his socks and underwear.  He proceeds to roll back and forth across the bed, giggling hysterically.  I wanted to punch him in the face.

Between Adam not knowing where he was in the morning, to throwing up, to losing his wallet in his own pants and almost missing the shuttle to the airport, it was a LONG day.

As beautiful as the Bahamas were, Adam ended up with a sinus infection, and I got over my bladder infection but came home with a nasty cold.

Buuuut it’s hard to complain when you’ve spent the last 4 days staring at this:


Either way, we are grateful for our parents watching G$ so we could take a break and travel, and we enjoyed our trip very much!

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