Speech Therapy Works if You’re Smart Enough

Oct 30, 2013 by

It’s no secret that G$ has been in speech therapy for a few months now.  The improvements he is making are shocking (not because I didn’t believe therapy would work but because it seemed like he simply would never speak).


With that being said, sometimes the speech therapy works in unexpected ways.  One of the first things therapists did was teach him a few basic signs, just to show him that his actions communicate with us and he can get what he wants by doing them.  It’s the first step towards using words for the same purpose.  The first one of these signs was “more.”


Once we moved on to teaching him words, he picked up all the best ones: burp, poop, pee pee and toot.  Gotta love little boys.  🙂


Yesterday, he kept going to the pantry as if he wanted a snack.  He kept signing “more” and saying “toot.”  I sat there like…I really can’t help you toot more, bud.  Maybe you want beans?


We finally realized he was trying to say FRUIT.  More fruit.


So yes, for those of you who are nervous that speech therapy will not work for you/your child, let me assure you it does work…so long as you are smart enough to understand the child’s words once they start using them! 😉

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