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I think you guys could tell that I was pretty psyched about my first Stitch Fix shipment.  So it probably comes as no surprise that I made sure to get another Fix in before the holidays.  🙂

For some reason, I haven’t been able to get really pumped about the holidays this year (no idea why) so I thought why not let my stylist take care of the WORST part of Christmas…say it with me ladies…CHRISTMAS DRESS SHOPPING.  Yuck.

This month, along with a Christmas dress, I asked for a blazer; more jeans, with a flared leg; jewelry or bling of some variety to go with the dress; and anything else my stylist felt I needed.

There must’ve been a small mixup because, when my Fix arrived, it included the normal invoice + a note from my stylist explaining what she included, why, and how to pair it with other items in the box.  The photos of the clothes looked AMAZING.  It was exactly what I asked for: a Christmas dress, jeans, earrings, a coat (something she thought I needed w/ the dress) and a shirt.  However, when I unwrapped the clothes…well I’ll just show you a few photos.

2015-11-27 11.33.15 2015-11-27 13.30.34 2015-11-27 13.31.04

Top to bottom, I’d call them: 1970s nightmare, batwing sweater, sheep herding gear.  Not only ugly but also completely NOT what was on the invoice/in the note.  I quickly realized I didn’t have a terrible stylist, this was completely the wrong box…the clothes weren’t even my size.  Looks like a little mixup in the shipping department, no big deal!

Apparently Stitch Fix realized the error pretty quickly because before I even contacted their customer service, a new Fix was on my doorstep (literally, the next morning)!


When I opened the new box, I was pretty impressed! 🙂  I got a new stylist this month and she did a great job!

2015-11-28 13.07.52

This Christmas dress is perfect! I did ask for something blingy, but the lace on here is gorgeous and the fit is right on.  Plus now I have an excuse to bust out some of the fancy jewelry Adam’s given me that I don’t get many opportunities to wear.  🙂

Status: Kept!


2015-11-28 13.09.02 2015-11-28 13.09.07

This coat is so soft and warm.  It paired perfectly with the dress.  And I thought the price ($108) was not bad at all for a 100% wool dress coat.  The shape was a little plain, however, and I already have a few dress coats.  I know why she included this, but it’s not something I need at this juncture.

Status: Returned


2015-11-28 13.08.06

The sweater was cute but nothing special.  I’m also not a huge fan of the drop shoulder seams…it tends to look like I have wings.  I would have kept it except when I raised my arms everyone got a direct shot of my stretch marks.  I like to keep my tiger stripes to myself. 😉

The jeans are adorable.  They’re just what I asked for: fitted thighs but more flared than the skinny jeans from last month.  Technically, they called these wide leg but as you can see from the glorious bathroom selfie above…it’s more like flared leg.

Status: Sweater – returned.  Jeans – Kept!


2015-11-28 13.08.47


The earrings were also meant to go with the Christmas dress.  Gold is usually not my first choice but I did tell the stylist I was open to trying it.  These were in the $30 range and just a little too plain (though I do love hammered metal).  My whole family makes fun of me but I wear the same studs every day.  It takes something really special to get me to swap out earrings Adam got me for our first Christmas and an anniversary.  These weren’t special enough.  BUT, I did appreciate my stylist’s awareness that I love classic simple jewelry.

Status: Returned


For those of you who are still wondering about the accidental box I initially received, all I had to do was ship it back in the prepaid bag.  No charge to me.  As far as I’m concerned, no harm no foul.  Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, especially during the holidays.


If you’re tired of dragging yourself to the mall only to be disappointed, try Stitch Fix!  Here’s my referral code:


If you use it, I earn a $25 credit when your first fix ships! 🙂

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