Gender Reveal Party

Sep 18, 2013 by

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Gender Reveal Parties

Sep 6, 2013 by

Since our anatomy sonogram is coming up next week, Adam and I have been really interested in baby stuff lately.  One thing that has come up repeatedly is the idea of a gender reveal party.


Typically, people have showers to celebrate their first baby, but we obviously will not be doing that this time around.  Another new thing I’m learning about is the idea of throwing a “sprinkle” which, for those of you not in the know, is a small party/shower for someone who is having their second/third/etc. child, and that child is usually a different gender than their previous children.


Since we won’t be having a shower or a sprinkle, we wanted to have some fun and celebrate Navan with our friends, and what better way than with a gender reveal party?


So I hit up Pinterest, looking for party ideas.  There were some cute ones, then there were some owl ones…and you all know how I feel about that! 😉  But man…if I thought the owls were bad, they were nothing compared to what I found next.


Top 3 Theme Ideas from Pinterest

1. Guns or Glitter

2. Cowboy or Diva

3. Lures or Lace


For crying out loud!  I guess I am a real prude but seriously, people…you do know these are for BABIES, right?!   I love guns as much as the next girl but I don’t think they’re an appropriate theme for a gender reveal party.  Not to mention, guns or GLITTER?  Does it really seems smart to promote this bizarre idea that guns are as frivolous as glitter, something to be just thrown around like nothing?  I don’t think so.


Then we come to cowboy or diva.  Wow.  Why can’t it be cowboys and, oh, I don’t know, cowGIRLS?!  Again, call me a prude but I don’t think DIVA is really the label I want to start my potential future daughter’s life.  They always say parents put their hopes and dreams onto their kids but, sorry, “diva” doesn’t make the hopes and dreams list this week.  Give me a break.


Lures or lace is not offensive, I was just curious how one decorates for this party.  Tape doilies to the walls and then stick fishing lures in the holes?  (If men out there are considering this, please make sure you clean the guts off the lures BEFORE you hang them on the lace.)


So it looks like our party will be having a really simple theme: come hang out and eat free snacks.  Oh and, hey, while you’re here, maybe you can find out if Navan is a boy or a girl.  Ok?  Ok.

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