Farm D-Day, Take 2

May 6, 2014 by

One of the most common questions people ask is whether life on the farm is very different from life in the suburbs.  The answer is yes and no.  Obviously, there are a LOT of differences (most of which are based purely on lack of proximity to EVERYTHING), but there are some similarities.

One big difference, however, was illustrated this afternoon.  As my kids and I were playing outside, we received a phone call from my husband telling us to get the dog and go inside IMMEDIATELY.

You see, today was Farm D-Day.  Or, perhaps I should say 2, 4-D Day.  2,4-D is a herbicide (aka weed-killer) that we spray on our crops.  (For my word nerds out there, it’s pronounced two four D.)  It is not dangerous to humans, just broadleaf weeds. 🙂  Broadleaf weeds can be anything from dandelions and clover to morning glory and marestail.  But my favorite thing it kills is ragweed.  Allergy sufferers, say it with me, HALLELUJAH!  Ragweed is the devil!

2,4-D isn’t toxic but it can give you a nasty headache if you stand outside in it long enough.  I don’t think people in the suburbs have to worry about clouds of brown chemical fog invading their backyard very often…but I don’t have to worry about my neighbor’s dog leaving brown land mines in my yard, so I call that a win for farm life! 😉

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