Life’s a Menace: Part Two

Mar 20, 2012 by

So where we left off, Bella’s surgery was over and she was extra pathetic, even in her inflatable collar/cone.


Of course, the very same week that Bella came home, G$ decided it was time to start crawling.  Of course we were excited, it just wasn’t the best timing.  Go figure, one finally starts to sleep, one starts waking up, one finally can’t move so much, the other decides it’s time to start moving more.  I sat there watching him crawl for the first time thinking oh my gosh, he’s so smart (not biased at all of course), look at him go…and sure enough he faceplanted into a toy truck and shit his pants.  Welcome to my life. 🙂


Mid-week I was scheduled to have a Mary Kay party at my house for my mom.  About 2:30 that day, I realized I’d been so busy prepping for the party that I hadn’t eaten lunch.  Bella had been so clingy since her surgery that I was nervous to leave her, but Subway is only 10 miles away.  For whatever reason, going straight to Subway and back got G$ off his schedule and into total meltdown mode, and nothing would get him to go to sleep.  As I was rocking him to try to calm him down, I noticed that there was a little blood on Bella’s leg.  Sure enough, in the 20 minutes that we were gone, she pulled out four of her staples.  Greaaaaaaaaaaaat.


I couldn’t take her to the vet because the party was starting in a few hours, so I had to call Adam out of work to take her in himself.  He was not pleased, to put it mildly, but he did it.  Two and a half hours later, they were back with new staples and a couple extra ones.  In the midst of all the chaos, I didn’t have enough food, my babysitter had to leave because her friend was in the ICU, Mom was running late, it was a nightmare.  We managed to have the party without any more accidents or injuries, so that was a good thing.


Last, but not least, we were a day away from Bella’s staples coming out and her cone coming off…and she saw a rabbit in the yard.  It was like she’d been shot out of a cannon.  I haven’t seen that dog move that fast in years, literally, YEARS.  I was so amazed that I just stood there watching her for a second, thinking how great a job the vet did on her surgery and then it hit me…surgery…SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!  I don’t know what we would’ve done if her internal stitches would’ve ruptured and we’d had to go through the surgery AGAIN.  Adam probably would’ve killed us both.  Luckily, the vet said she is fine and is doing great in her therapy.


Now that Bella’s saga is (hopefully) over,  I can start blogging about the other project (as if I need another one) I’ve been working on…renovating our rental house.  Project is an understatement…

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