Technical Shit Storm

Feb 13, 2013 by

Holy cow, it’s been too long!

In the last 2 weeks, my computer took a dump on me (and tried to take all my pictures, music, documents…everything, with it).  Many thanks to Google and Ubuntu for helping me find a way to transfer my hard drive (which, of course, was not backed up…AT ALL) to an external hard drive and, therefore, save my life.  Seriously, guys, if your computer ever goes down before you have a chance to back up everything…check out Ubuntu!  It’s completely free and completely amazing.

Since I needed a new computer and windows 8 looks like a major pain in the ass, I had a bit of research to do.  Ultimately, I decided that a touchscreen PC+ a 1.5 year old can only = destruction.  And that is why I joined the dark side and bought a Mac.

I thought that since I used Macs extensively in college it would be no big deal to switch my personal computer.  HA!  Apparently, I’ve now entered the technology “twilight years” and I don’t mean Bella and Edward.  If you ever want to feel like a total moron, I highly suggest switching to a Mac.  It really isn’t that hard…but that’s what makes you feel so dumb.  It’s not that hard.  Until you’re looking for a delete button and realize there’s a button that SAYS delete but is actually backspace and in order to REALLY delete, you have to hit “delete” aka backspace and that pesky “fn” button that no one ever uses (until now).  End button, home button, page up and page down…gone.  For all the mac enthusiasts’ bitching that PCs are worthless junk…let me just say that I’ve grown up on useless junk and I don’t know what to do with this super sleek, super fast, home buttonless thing.

In other words, bear with me guys.  It could be rough around here for a while. 😉

Here’s the other thing.  While nothing was technically WRONG with the Snobmobile, it needed to be replaced.  The car that replaced it (which has been christened “Showboat”) is really awesome and full of touch screen technology…which I cannot figure out to save my life.  In my defense, the car does come with a book explaining how to pair your bluetooth, sync Pandora, etc.  Of course, the dealer fully admits that the instructions in the book are wrong.  Fan-freaking-tastic!  Cause if they can’t figure it out…well, I think you know where I’m going with this. 😉


So, to make my technology-induced blog slacking up to you all, I have several posts coming up this week, including more food share posts!  Woohoo!

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